About this site

This site was created to teach you more about SIP (Session Initiation Protocol) and Brekeke Software. SIP is the protocol that is commonly used for VoIP (Voice/Video over IP) and other multi-media communications. Recently, SIP has been used for technology segments other than VoIP and telecommunications, such as controlling appliances and security devices. On this site, we will be focusing mostly on VoIP, though we will update our content as we learn more about SIP usages in the market other than VoIP.

Brekeke is another component that I would like to teach you more about. This company develops VoIP products: SIP server, SIP IP-PBX, and SIP SDKs. With the technology available today, many options that were once available only to HUGE enterprises or the government are now available to everyone. Our passion is to bring all essential, useful, and even cool features available for VoIP to everyone who can appreciate them – big or small.

Fun Note: Brekeke is pronounced "Breh-keh-keh." It is the Hungarian word for the sound frogs make, like the word "croak" or "ribbit" in English.

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