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How to get in touch with your friends in Japan

posted Mar 18, 2011, 6:05 PM by Dojo Master
If you have family and friends in Japan.. you've probably connected with them through Skype, Facebook, or Twitter. But did you know that you can call them for free? Right now, AT&T and Verizon is offering free calls and text to Japan. This offer from AT&T will be free from 3/11 (the date of the earthquake) through end of March. Verizon's offer is valid through April 10. (Read more about this at MNSBC article here)

I am not sure why.. but I received an email from Skype Japan that I got 25 minutes free credit voucher for calls within Japan! This voucher is valid calls within Japanese WiFi spots to PSTN lines.

Texts and tweet is nice and quick, but there is something special with hearing the voice of loved ones.

Take care you and your loved ones.