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Telephone Reminders - Wakerupper

posted Dec 17, 2010, 4:08 PM by Dojo Master   [ updated Dec 17, 2010, 5:45 PM ]
Nowadays, many of us have smart phones with calendar or alarm features. If you want to remind yourself of something, you can just go to the alarm setting of your iPhone and set the time to ring the phone. Easy, right?

Although people think this service is not necessary because of the reason I mentioned above, but I think this tool, Wakerupper, can be very useful for some purposes.

First of all, it is very simple to use. This page (image on the left) is the single page you need to deal with. Another nice thing about the service is to provide the "personalized message" field. Text-to-speech engine will read up your message for you, so the recipient of the call knows what the reminder was.

Most of us do not have access to set alert on other people's phone, right? So, instead of nagging a person to remember a thing, you can use this tool to remind them for some important (or unimportant) things that you wanted to nag them about. Sweet, huh?

After scheduling the call, you get the option to cancel the reminder, or receive the link to cancel your reminder call later.

I received a reminder call from local number. The personalized message was synthetic but understandable. The after the personalized message played, the recorded voice asked me whether if this message was sent me by error or not. I didn't go through the IVR menu since I actually have ordered the reminder.. but what will happen if it was a mistake?

I thought it will be fun to use this tool with our Broadcasting feature of Brekeke PBX. You can send out message (read by text-to-speech) to everyone at schedule time. You can use this for "meeting reminder" or "clean up fridge otherwise everything will be thrown away on Friday" reminder.

Reference: Brekeke PBX User's Guide - Broadcasting Feature (Section 1.11 pg.13)