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The most basic feature of IP-PBX

Call Forwarding may be the most basic —but at the same time, the most essential— feature of IP-PBX. The Call Forwarding feature can route incoming calls to a different destination. The destination can be your voicemail, cell phone, a colleague, or virtually anywhere you want to forward your call to. 

Examples of how you can use Call Forwarding:
  • Forward unanswered calls to your voicemail
  • Forward unanswered calls to a different number (your cell phone, a colleague, a ring group, etc.)
  • Direct calls to a pre-set destination(s), based on the dialed number
  • Direct calls to a pre-set destination(s), based on the Caller-ID
  • Use the Follow-me feature
  • Use the Confirm call feature
  • Automatic call monitoring
  • DND (Do Not Disturb) 

AKA Google Voice

Although the speech-to-text voicemail feature offered by Google Voice is pretty awesome, that service is nothing new to the telephony world. Just using the Call Forward mechanism, you can forward incoming calls to any other phone number or numbers that you like.

Dojo Master's Pick

With Brekeke PBX, there are many ways for you to choose how to handle Call Forwarding. I personally like the Confirmed Call feature, which you can use to decide whether not to answer a call. 

Here are some examples of how you can use this feature:
  • Ring multiple phones at once
  • Ring multiple phones one at a time, in any order you like (top down, round-robin)
  • Scheduled call forwarding (after business hours, etc.)
  • Route calls to a colleague when you're already on the phone (or otherwise busy)
  • Route unanswered calls to your assistant
  • Follow-me feature with Confirmed Call (call screening)

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Enjoy forwarding!

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