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What is Call Hunting?

Depending on the platform or service that you use, this feature may have a different name, such as Call Hunting, Follow Me, Find Me, etc. When this feature is enabled, it will forward calls to multiple lines or phone numbers until it finds one where the call is answered.

An example of Call Hunting settings:
Call -> Office Desktop Phone -> Cell Phone -> Office Receptionist -> Voicemail

This feature is very useful to have when you:
  • Receive a large number of calls, but are frequently away from your primary phone
  • Need to monitor after-hours business calls at home or by cell
  • Have a team of people working together on one project

Call Hunting features:

  • Top-down hunting — A call is forwarded in the specified order (e.g., Office Desktop Phone -> Cell Phone -> Office Receptionist -> Voicemail) 
  • Round-robin hunting — A call is forwarded to the destination right after the last one where the call was answered. For example, if a call is answered by the cell phone in the settings listed above, then the next call will be forwarded to the office receptionist.
  • Confirm Call — Combines the Call Screening (AKA, Call Whisper) and Call Hunting features. The callee can check the type of call (caller's number, dialed number, etc.) and then decide whether or not to answer it.
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