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You may ask, "Why do I need a password to make a call?"

You need a password because of the differences between IP telephony and analog land lines: An analog phone uses a designated physical line for a specific telephone number, so you do not need to use a password in order to connect to that line. If you wanted to, you could literary follow the physical phone line all the way to the person on the other end of your call. On the other hand, since IP telephony systems connect via IP networks, those phone numbers go off into streams of data that you can not physically follow. The password-authenticated account system allows us to identify the person whom we are talking to, and to know exactly who is accessing the server.

How does the Brekeke SIP Server authenticate? 

The Brekeke SIP Server uses an authentication mechanism called "SIP authentication" (AKA, HTTP Digest authentication). By using this mechanism, the Brekeke SIP Server can authenticate users who are trying to register or connect to the proxy server or to other users. (The authentication for REGISTER and INVITE is enabled by default on Brekeke SIP Server.) Each user who tries to register or connect with the Brekeke SIP Server needs an authenticated username and password, which the system administrator creates at the Brekeke SIP Server. 

Okay, so how do I set up authentication at the Brekeke SIP Server?


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