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As the name indicates, the Click-to-Call feature allows you to make calls just by clicking on a phone number or link. There are two ways to use the Click-to-Call (CTC) feature:
  • To receive calls (Request-a-Call): Allow web site visitors to click on an image or link —such as a "Call Me Now" button— and then ask them to enter their phone number. Once the visitors enter a number, they will receive a call from the company.
  • To initiate a call: Just click on any phone number in a contact list or other phone number list to make a call, rather than dialing the numbers on a traditional phone.

How do I set up a "Call Me" button on my website?

Using Brekeke PBX's third-party call control (3pcc) feature through HTTP-GET and a Web Service interface, you can set up a "Call Me" button without having to use an outside service. You just need to enter the appropriate information at the URL below and you will be making a call instantly through Brekeke PBX. 


For details on how to set up Click-to-Call (CTC) on your website, please refer to the information below:

Can I make a call by clicking a phone number in my Outlook contacts?

Yes, you can. If you have the 2003-2007 version of Outlook, you can use Click-to-Call in your Outlook contact list. Below, please find the instructions on how to set up your Brekeke PBX and Outlook plug-in. 
  • Brekeke PBX Click-to-Call for Microsoft Outlook

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