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One of the most-requested features of Brekeke PBX is the Conference Call feature. Sure, you may have access to three-way calling (connecting three callers at once) but that is usually too limited for business use. 

Here are some of the conference call features that Brekeke PBX provides:
  • Hold conference calls with multiple attendees (more than three!)
  • Have a conference room number as an extension of the PBX system
  • Instant invite to a conference call
  • Simultaneous invite to a conference call
  • Schedule a conference (which places a call to all attendees)
  • Provide an access code to authenticate entry to a conference call
  • Mute all (e.g., Broadcasting Speech)
The Conference Call feature is included in all editions of Brekeke PBX. You can try out this useful feature by downloading our Free 60-day Trial License for IP-PBX!

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