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PBX for Service Providers

Multi-Tenant PBX can host multiple tenants under a single server. Providers who maintain multiple customers' telephony services prefer a multi-tenant IP-PBX system because it offers a better return on their investment. There are a number of additional benefits to using a multi-tenant system as well.

Benefits for Service Providers:
  • Lower maintenance and administrative costs
  • Recurring revenue
  • More control over system maintenance
  • Minimal up-front hardware investment
  • Greater ability to offer more add-ons since cost is shared by multiple tenants
  • Quick turnaround time

Why do customers choose a hosted PBX solution?

In the past (and still in certain parts of the world), businesses have preferred to own equipment or even the software licenses that they use. Nowadays, with the popularity of cloud computing (e.g., Salesforce.com, Google apps, etc.), business owners and executives are more open to subscription-based purchases.

Businesses are choosing hosted PBX solutions over the Customer Premise Equipment (CPE) telephony systems because of their many benefits.

Benefits to customers:
  • Lower up-front cost
  • Quick and easy to start using the system
  • More add-on services available
  • No on-site telephony system administrator required
  • High availability of service
  • Flexibility in subscription changes (upgrading/degrading)
  • Controlled and predictable costs
  • Access to the latest trends and technologies

How does multi-tenancy work under one server?

You can think of Multi-Tenant PBX as a big apartment building. Each of its rooms offers the same functionality and benefits of owning a single home. Each room is surrounded by thick, secured walls with keys, ensuring that no one can disturb the other tenants. Service providers control all common areas (think of this as the server or access to the server), how many rooms are in the apartment or the number of parking spaces that are assigned to each tenant (e.g., phone lines or user numbers).

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