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What is the redundancy feature?

Brekeke SIP server's redundancy feature provides high availability service by duplicating all of the information that it receives (configuration, SIP packets, etc.) onto a secondary server. By keeping all of the data and information updated in real time, the secondary server is ready to take over in case the primary server ever fails.

How does Brekeke SIP Server duplicate data between the primary and secondary servers?

Using the Mirroring feature, both the primary and secondary Brekeke SIP servers keep all of the data and information updated in real time, so all of the information is always available on both servers. The mirroring feature even keeps all of the SIP server's internal information —including active SIP sessions and registration information— up to date on both servers. This means that, even at the time of failure, most active calls will continue without interruption.

Do I need to change the SIP server's IP address after the failover?

No, the server's IP address does NOT need to be changed manually. Brekeke SIP Server has a great feature called "Heartbeat" that monitors both the primary and secondary servers for any failure and then automatically assigns the IP address of the failed server to the working server. This automated feature ensures that you won't need to make any changes to the SIP UAs/devices/services that are connected to the SIP server.

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